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Business creator, Aimed, presents its in-house project, 'Project Neuphoria'

Aimed’s in-house game devs, Team ECLIPSE, is reinventing the Auto-Battler genre with fresh and innovative gameplay for the mobile and PC platforms. Project Neuphoria will also play a critical role to showcase an original IP planned for massive expansions in the years to come.

Experience a bizarre yet intriguing storyline told through unique characters and quests. Engage with players all over the world regardless of region, race, age, or gender.

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탭 타이틀

20 years have passed since ‘The Day’

We no longer worry about hunger,
Or finding a place to raise a family,
Or the need to fight for survival.

But this Utopia of ours
Is without laughter…
Without yesterday or tomorrow.

The only escape from
This desolate limbo is ‘Neuphoria’

A virtual world where you can

Be who you want to be,
Be what you want to be,



ECLIPSE was founded by veterans in the gaming industry, all with more than a decade of production experience. Key senior and leadership roles come from Activision/Blizzard, NCsoft, Krafton, Pearl Abyss, Netmarble, and Nexon. Currently, over twenty top-tier international developers that made AAA titles, such as the ‘Call of Duty' series, ‘PUBG’, ‘Black Desert’, and ‘Blade & Soul’, are taking part in creating Project Neuphoria.

Project Neuphoria is just the beginning. Team ECLIPSE is creating an immense and vibrant universe to entertain the masses with much more than just a game. Join us on our journey to greatness!

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Why we chose Team Eclipse?

team eclipse meeting

Team Eclipse is looking for individuals who are passionate about making fun games. Our team culture is all about communication and sharing ideas with each other to reach our goal, to make Project Neuphoria a mind-blowing and memorable experience!

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Synergy that comes from feeding off of each other’s positive energy

From my personal experience, great teamwork comes from great communication. Everyone at Team Eclipse is open-minded and welcomes feedback from each other. We are all gamers first, but we also have the ambition and work ethic to develop a great game. Synergy that comes from feeding off of each other’s positive energy is why I believe our team is so creative and productive.

Jinseok Hong
3D Character Artist
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